Monday, 29 October 2012

OPI The Man With The Golden Gun

Happy Monday everyone! Today I have a very special polish for you from OPI's Skyfall collection - the limited edition 18k gold top coat: The Man With The Golden Gun. Since it is made with real gold, the price tag is quite hefty at $30 a bottle. It is a clear base with small pieces of gold leaf that creates a different effect based on the colour you layer it over. To demonstrate this, I used it over two completely different colours: OPI Skyfall from the same collection (reviewed here) and Essie Butler Please from the Winter 2013 collection (reviewed below).

OPI The Man With The Goldern Gun over OPI Skyfall

OPI The Man With The Golden Gun over OPI  Skyfall

OPI The Man With The Golden Gun over OPI Butler Please

Butler Please is a cobalt blue creme from Essie's Winter 2013 collection. This is a 2 coater with great formula except for the occasional bald spot. The true colour is a few shades darker than in the pictures as cameras have a hard time capturing this shade. I really liked the entire collection but this is the only one I felt like I needed, especially since I don't have Nails Inc Baker Street.

Essie Butler Please

What do you guys think of gold leaf top coats? I didn't have access to the Zoya one since they don't ship to Canada, or the Jessica one since I can't find it in any store. Which is your pick?

Until next time!

- The Manicurette


  1. They are pretty, I'm just not into these. I don't agree with putting gold in nail polish. Maybe it's not that bad if Zoya's doing it.... they are usually I don't know....LOL I know I'm not making sense. :D

    1. I can see what you mean Jenni. I never thought of it this way! It does seem a little silly to put gold in polish but then again, all deserts in my culture are topped with silver foil. And it's such trace amounts, it doesn't affect the body. But good point! I just really like the effect of the foil, I'd buy it even if it wasn't gold haha

  2. Oh I like the combination that you did with Skyfall. I like the gold flakes, but I think I would like a silver version even more!

  3. i've been wanting a gold leaf polish, but i can't justify the price >___< your combos look awesome though, the second one reminds me of my school colors!


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