Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Comparison Post: OPI German-icure versus Royal Rajah Ruby

Since the release of the OPI Germany Fall 2012 collection, I've been hearing a lot of buzz around whether one needs German-icure or is there something close out there already..such as OPI Royal Rajah Ruby from the India 2008 Collection. I have already reviewed German-icure here

Royal Rajah Ruby is a dark red-bordering-on-brown polish with red shimmer. Using this polish really shows you how much companies have improved polish formulas in the past 5 years. The formula certainly wasn't bad but nothing as compared to the buttery, gorgeous formula of German-icure. Is it just me or the older the polish, the longer the dry time? I needed 3 coats for full opacity and topped it with 1 coat of Seche Vite. Here are the comparison shots:

OPI German-icure (left) versus OPI Royal Rajah Ruby (right)

OPI German-icure (left) versus OPI Royal Rajah Ruby (right) 

As you can see, Royal Rajah Ruby doesn't 'glow' as much as German-icure does, which is probably because it doesn't have as much shimmer. The shimmer in RRR is red while it is copper in German-icure. If you look from afar, RRR looks more like a dark brown polish while German-icure looks more wine red. I like them both but if I had to pick one, I would pick German-icure mainly because of the exceptional formula and the packed shimmer.

I hope this post helps those wondering how close these two polishes are!

- The Manicurette


  1. Ohh they both are lovely! Might even prefer the less shimmer look of RRR.

  2. Great comparison! I actually prefer Royal Rajah Ruby but since I have Germanicure already, I'll have to stick with that one for now.

    1. Thank you! I'm starting to see RRR in a new light :D

  3. RRR is one of my favs! I'm glad I found a comparison! Even though I have RRR I still want German-icure. I'm a sucker for vampy colours!

  4. You rock for doing this! Thanks!

  5. Thank you for doing this comparison! This was exactly what I was wondering. However, it still hasn't helped me reach a decisive conclusion, because I still want both of them! Lol.

  6. I just put my order on germanicure, and thanks to ur review, i didnt regret doing it cause imo both polishes are great and still looks different...thanks again ;)

  7. thank you so much for this comparsion, i needed such one so badly! ;) i'm surprised, but german-icure seems even prettier, that is good news, because RRR is from an old collection that isn't any more avaliable in my country. thank you once again!


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