Monday, 27 August 2012

Rainbow Box Nail Drops: Sprinkles Summer 2012

I have something very interesting to show you guys today and it is not nail polish! It is "nail drops" made by Rainbow Box, a New York based company started by the ever so creative, Leah. The KIT Magazine did a feature on sprinkles nails from the Rainbow Box summer collection and I had to try them for myself. You can see the article hereif you haven't already.

These are best described as water decals for nails and dissolve in acetone. The instructions seem overwhelming at first but if followed step-by-step, they're easy to get a hang of. I received a couple of test decals in my order, which is pretty awesome for first time users like me. Here's what the order package (photo-shopped to exclude my address) and the nail drops look like:

How adorable is that packaging?! Polka dots just make everything cuter. I received my order fairly quick, which is amazing given that the shipping is free. The sprinkles mani took me a total of 15 minutes to do and the results were spectacular. I did notice tipwear by the end of the day and that is probably because I used 1 coat of top coat instead of the recommended 2 coats.

For cleanup, I used my regular brush and acetone method. I'm sure there's room for improvement in terms of application but I'm happy with the results nevertheless. What do you folks think? Have you tried these yet? I sure hope they release a Fall collection..or even better, a Halloween collection!

- The Manicurette


  1. Love the packaging!! Need to try these myself!

  2. I'd love to try this using a dotting tool! This is cute!

  3. These are probably the coolest nail decal design I've ever seen! So cool!

  4. Those look real yummy! I think I need some ice cream now!

    1. Haha! I almost always put sprinkles on my ice creams!


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