Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Cupcake Manicure with Essie Cremes!

I have a very picture-heavy fun post today! It's a short review of Essie She's Picture Perfect from the Resort Collection 2012. I also wanted some fun nail art so I have lots of pictures of my cupcake manicure that I did with my Essie cremes from 2012 collections:

She's Picture Perfect is a lilac creme with strong grey tones and a magenta sheen. The first coat was streak-central but the second coat covered the patches well. It also dried fast so I had to work quick with my brushstrokes and not go over a wet patch again. The magenta pearly sheen is only visible at certain angles in direct sunlight. I used 3 coats of She's Picture Perfect topped with 1 coat of Poshe:

Essie She's Picture Perfect

For the nail art, I used a hairpin and the following polishes: Off The Shoulder and Fear Or Desire from Essie Summer Collection 2012, She's Picture Perfect from Essie Resort Collection 2012, Wet'n'Wild French White and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Pink Blink.

Just so you know how much I love cupcakes, here's a picture with my cupcake-shaped nail file that my friend, Julia, gifted me!

And here's a bonus picture of cupcakes I made around last Christmas. 

 And my five hour Harry Potter cupcakes to eat before the last movie! *Dork Alert*

I hope you like this slightly unconventional cupcake-oriented post! Thanks for stopping by :) 

- The Manicurette


  1. Oh my goodness that is the cutest mani!!! I love the cupcakes. :D

  2. these are absolutely adorable!! yum :)

  3. Great nail art! Your nails look so cute! I really want to eat some cupcakes now lol

    1. Thanks Jen!! Cupcakes make the world a happier place :D

  4. These are adorable! Your cupcakes look perfect!

  5. Love love LOVE the nails! I wish I was as talented as you :) the cupcakes look delicious as well ;)


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