Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A-England The Mythicals: Elaine & Excalibur Swatches & Review

Today's post is a review of two more Mythicals from A-England: Elaine and Excalibur. Elaine is a dark eggplant-purple creme. It is a one-coater but I used 2 coats for my swatches for good measure. The formula is neither thick nor thin; it's just the right consistency to let you apply without pooling or dragging. Here it is topped with 1 coat of Poshé top coat:

A-England The Mythicals: Elaine

Excalibur is a silver metallic that can be worn alone or used for stamping because of the highly pigmented formula. In the sunlight, it gleams and shines like chrome; but in the shade, it takes on a soft, muted tone. The swatches below are representative of the changes in different lighting. Being a metallic, it is prone to brushstrokes, but in reality, they aren't as pronounced as they may seem in the pictures. Here's 2 coats of Excalibur topped with 1 coat of Poshé:

A-England The Mythicals: Excalibur (sun)

A-England The Mythicals: Excalibur (shade)

Here's some nail art to demonstrate how pigmented and amazing Excalibur is when used for stamping. I haven't had such good results with any other silver yet.

A-England The Mythicals: Elaine & Excalibur

As always, thanks for reading! xoxo

- The Manicurette


  1. Elaine!! You are so pretty and great stamping with Excalibur! Your nails look awesome!

  2. Lovely swatches and you have beautiful nails :)

    1. Thank you! I always admire your notds on the nail board. Didn't know you had a blog too! :)

  3. It's gorgeous! I have some nail polish from A-England and I love them!! :D

    1. True! They really deserve the hype :)


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