Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A-England The Legend and The Mythicals Swatches and Reviews

Some A-England spam for you guys today! Three from The Mythicals and one from the Legend. Can you tell I am slightly obsessed with their polishes? Here's what's coming:

Iseult is a light pink creme with subtle shimmer, giving it a pearly finish. The formula is  on the thinner side but easy to work with nonetheless. I'm happy to say that I didn't experience dragging or balding as I'm always on the lookout for a pink creme with a decent formula. Here are 3 coats of Iseult with 1 coat of Poshe:

A-England - Iseult

Dragon is a light green base with scattered holo glitter. The formula is a one-coater and the application was smooth and buttery! So gorgeous in the sun. I added a blurred macro shot to show you the power of the holo glitter. Here's 1 coat of Dragon with 1 coat of Poshe:

A-England - Dragon

A-England - Dragon (macro)

Galahad is a dark and dusty turquoise creme. The formula is slightly runny and needed 2 coats for full coverage. Again, A-England amazes me with how pigmented their polishes are, never needing more than 2 coats. Here are 2 coats of Galahad with 1 coat of Poshe:

A-England - Galahad

Lancelot is a dark red-based black creme. The formula is pigmented and non-fussy, drying to a glossy finish. To show you what I mean about the black being 'red-based', I used 1 thick coat on all nails except for the pinkie, on which I used a thin coat of Lancelot. You can see the reddish tinge quite clearly on that nail.

A-England - Lancelot

I decided to have some fun with Galahad & Lancelot and did a simple polka dot mani with a frilly edge: 

A-England - Galahad & Lancelot

Bridal Veil is a black base with multi-coloured holo glitter. I needed 2 coats to build opacity. The different colours of the holo glitter stand out very well in the black base. This is such a great polish for those (like me!) who don't feel comfortable wearing a black nail polish by itself. The glitter tones down the harshness of the black and adds beautiful depth! Here are 2 coats of Bridal Veil with 1 coat of Poshe:

A-England - Bridal Veil

I can't believe I have already reviewed all my A-Englands! I love this brand a lot because of their unique colours and consistency with delivering high quality formula every time. I hope you enjoyed this post!

- The Manicurette


  1. I love the colours and the names! I especially like the combination of Galahad & Lancelot:)

    1. Lancelot is surprisingly interesting for a plain black creme!

  2. Great swatches! I have Inseult and haven't tried it yet, nice to hear that the formula is decent and I love Dragon! So beautiful and it's a one coater?? Must buy asap!

    1. Thanks Jennifer :) Iseult is under-rated imo. I'm probably going to wear it for every wedding I attend haha

  3. These are beautiful swatches! I'm loving Dragon, I can't believe that's just one coat - amazing!


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