Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Zoya Marilyn and a Bonus Picture

Today’s review is another Zoya nail polish: Marilyn. As most of the polishes I have reviewed up to now have been greens and blues, what better way to balance that out than with pink, pink and more pink! 

Zoya Marilyn is an elegant peachy-pink with a slight pearly finish. As with a lot of nudes, this too has very streaky application. One way to get around that is to put on a top coat after two coats of polish and then paint over the top coat with another coat of polish. Try it, it really helps! Dry time is decent but I did notice slight tip-wear just four hours later. I used 4 coats of polish in my swatches:

Zoya Marilyn (sun)
Zoya Marilyn (shade)

I find this shade ideal for wearing to job interviews, weddings, or other events where you really shouldn't wear your summer neons.
Since we’re on the topic of pink, I want to show you one of my first franken nail polishes. A franken polish can be made by mixing existing polishes in your stash to make a new one. Very experienced frankeners can make nail polish from clear base and pigments. I call this one Puff of Pink: it is a pink jelly with red micro glitter and pink, red and silver hex glitter. Here is the swatch: 

Puff of Pink by Sohni
What do you think of Puff of Pink?

I hope you enjoyed today's post. As always, thanks for reading!

- The Manicurette 


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